Robert Frost, an American Poet

Robert Frost

  • He was born in 1874.
  •  Frost died in January, 1963, after a major surgical operation, at the age of  88.
  • Robert Frost was an American poet of 20th century.
  • He was absolutely a modern poet though some critics don’t think that
  • Some critics think that he was essentially a tradition poet.
  • Lionel Trilling referred to Frost’s sonnet ‘Design’ and ‘Department’ and called Frost a terrifying poet.
  • Though he differs in his attitude towards Nature from most of the Nature poets like Wordsworth, Coleridge, or Shelley and Keats, he shows abundance of evidence for us to regard him as a poet of Nature.
  • His first poem appeared in his High School Bulletin when he was fifteen.
  • Frost won many honors in the course of time. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for potry four times, being the only poet ever to achieve this four-fold distinction.

Testimonial to the Poet:

  • President Kidney called Robert Frost “the great American poet of our time’, and describe him thus: “His life and his art summed up the essential qualities of the  New England ” he loved so much: the fresh delight in Nature, the plainness of speech, the canny wisdom, and the deep, underlying insight into the human soul.”
  • Adlai Stevenson said “In Robert Frost, the American people have found their poet, their singer, their seer- in short, their bard.”

Family Background:

Robert Frost was descended from a long line of new Englanders, but he was born in San Francisco, California, where his father, William Prescott Frost, had settled in search of his fortunes. His childhood proved to be somewhat strange, being blessed with parental love, but fraught with excitement and tragedy. Robert Frost’s mother was concerned about his health if he might have inherited his father’s tendencies to tuberculosis (TB). On several occasion Robert had such sever colds that his mother took him out of school. At this time he shared the daily adventures of his father and began to acquire knowledge of the world. When he was eleven his father died of tuberculosis (TB) at the age of 34 and for this his life’s freedom came to an end. Then his mother took him to New England.

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