Introduction to “The Road Not Taken”



‘ The Road Not Taken’

Robert Frost (1874-1963)

If you haven’t gone through “The Road Not Taken” yet, you will absolutely get a new scent when you do. The poem “The Road Not Taken” is one of the famous poems of twentieth century writer, Robert Frost. It was published in Frost’s collection “Mountain Interval” in 1916. In American schools this poem is most taught poem along with another famous poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”. “The Road Not Taken” is cited left and right by many inspirational writers and everyday people even after a century it was published.

We could go on and on worshiping how famous the poem is, you have already known. “The Road Not Taken” may seem to be easy and simple for the first time reading. But it has several meanings and complexity. You may take the poem with the problem of making a decision, probably right and perfect we face regularly in our private or public life. In deeper sense it is not a road which man always uses to move one place to another, it is life’s path in which a man is chosen to go on and reach his goal. In everyday’s life, it is must whether to choose path A that the poet describes as ‘trodden’ or to choose path B that poet says ‘not taken’ as you cannot go down both. Here the term comes limitation. For limitation, our people are unable to do something. One thing must be noted here that, both Roads are unknown and uncertain and aren’t seemed to be same to the poet (the speaker). If he knew the road which he was looking for; he might take the Road without any doubt. But the limitation is that he hadn’t the idea about the right one. The other limitation is that both Roads aren’t clearly visible so far. That’s why he is totally unable to say which Road will be perfect and right for him.

In a modern world you may use your Smartphone to choose the right path using GPRS or Google map . But what if you don’t have? The answer is you must be in problem of choosing which poet in. In second sense the poem is about ‘modern dilemma’. Because in modern, world everything has its duplication. Everywhere you must choose among duplicate. You must be “Hamlet” whether ‘To be or not to be’. You will be deceived if you are not good chooser. We have all to choose which college should go, which job should do, which girl should call for date etc. In the future what will be your feelings about your chosen path?

In final sense the poem is about the poet’s own experience. By the time you must notice the title of the poem that is “The Road Not Taken”. That means the road or path is not used or traveled. He went through the road in which most people did not. It is risky to go such a way, I think. You may have faced some new problems in this unused road. Beyond this theory, he went through risky and ‘not taken’ way. If we go through Robert Frost’s life, we will find that in his life he was unsuccessful in the beginning. He tried different occupations. But he was not successful. Then he took the risky decision of following the career of a poet. He had to suffer in the beginning, though, but ultimately he was crowned with success in his career.

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